Posted on: October 13, 2009 4:17 am

The Offense Is Rolling Week 5 blog entry

So The Steelers Still Find a way Week in and Week out in making the score alot closer than it actually should be.  But Honestly Pittsburgh Dominated all phases of this game.  I think Daunte Culpepper was a nice change of pace for this Detroit Lion Offense.  He brought some mobility that they did not have before.  But Ben Roethlisberger again proved why he is an Elite QB.  I read an interesting article today on Sportsline.com that said through the first 5 games of the season Big Ben Has the Highest Accuracy rating of any QB.  And he is 2nd All-time only behind the Great Tom Brady (during their 18-1 season).  Oh and he's 2nd In Passing Yards This season only behind the great Peyton Manning. But There are still a few things I Took away from this weeks Game.

1.  What is going on with all of the Wide Recievers Dropping Balls this season.  I've seen Hines Ward Drop A few Balls but when he drops them it's when he's in Traffic/Getting Hit, I'll never question his ability.  Mike Wallace Dropped an easy 71 yard TD pass that was beautifully touched pass by Ben.  No Excuse for dropping that pass EVER Period.  You Get paid to make those plays not to drop them.  Santonio Holmes just seems a little off this season so far.  Running wrong routes, Dropping passes. I hope he improves his play as the season goes on.

2.  Welcome Back James Harrison.  I critisized the Outside linebackers for their pass rush (or lack there of).  But the last three games he's amassed 6 sacks with 3 of them coming against the Lions.  Also Lamar Woodley and Lawrence Timmons Picked it up last game.  Overall it seems like the pass defense improved this game with the pass rush. 

3.  Take it easy Troy.  We have another cake game against the Brown's this week and I still don't think you need to rush to get back on the field.  Take one more week of rest and come back 100% healthy against the Vikings.  He's really the only piece of the puzzle missing on our defense.  I think once he returns we as a team return to superbowl form on defense.  You just cannot simply replace a guy like Troy.  His injury isn't all that bad.  Ryan Clark and Tyrone Carter are getting some valueable time start that will just increase the depth on defense.  These guys aren't playing bad at all.

4.  I said it last week and i'll say it again.  The Rashard Mendenhall Era has begun in Pittsburgh.  We all were hoping that he wouldn't have gotten hurt last year.  But he's Fresh and Young and this kid is going to be a Stud in Pittsburgh.  We Love you Willie Parker but I think you've Lost your Starting Position.  With this being your last contract year, Unless Something happens to mendenhall I think Your done in pittsburgh.  It happens to most running backs around age 30.  So don't feel bad.

5. Big Ben only got sacked 3 times this week!  and with the Rushing attack I'd Have to Give Our Offensive Line a B For this game.  They are not nearly as bad as most people were touting them to be.  I'd say they are coming along nicely as a unit and will only get better as they are all locked down for a few seasons. 

So Now A few things about the NFL.  I know the Bengals are leading the Division  But I still think they are the most overrated team in the NFL.  Yes they beat Pittsburgh Fair and Square.  Im still Bitter about the Loss because if the Steelers wouldn't have been so damn conservative this game would not have been close.  and yes they beat the Ravens too.  But are the Ravens that good?.. I still think they are the 2nd best team in the AFC north.  Regardless Carson Palmer has been clutch in the 4th quarter.  They have the Texans, And Bears the Next 2 weeks.. Two POTENT offenses.. don't be suprised if they lose both games and fall to 3rd in the AFC north.

Watch out for the Mannings.  If the Colts and Giants aren't Favorites to make it to the Superbowl I don't know who else is.  Both Teams are Clutch and both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are playing Elite football.  Im glad we don't play either of them in the Regular season.

Looking ahead to next week against the Brownies.  Should be an easy week.  which QB is going to show up Crappy Derek Anderson Good Anderson or just Crappy Brady Quinn?  Regardless they are just pitiful and I don't see any reason this shouldn't be a blow out.  We Will Dominate on Offense, and on Defense.  4-2 sounds nice going into minnesota with troy back healthy.
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